The Best Garage Door Lock Replacements

All too often, people interested in bolstering home security focus on the garage door that leads to the outside but forget about the garage door used for entering the home. In reality, there are two garage doors, each serving a different purpose but both critical for enhanced security.


Exterior Garage Door


For the main garage door through which you drive a vehicle into the actual garage, there are three primary types of locks.


1. T-Handle – This lock consists of a T-shaped handle on the outside of the door. For this, you need a key to unlock the door. By turning the handle, a bar is pulled or pushed through a track on the inside, unlocking the door.


2. Slide Lock – The second option is the slide lock, which has a small metal box complete with slide handle on the outside of the garage door. To lock the door, the slide goes through the track. On the end of the bar is a small hole designed for a padlock.


3. Electronic Lock – The third type of garage door lock is electronic. In this case, a motor engages and disengages the lock automatically. This lock is similar to a slide lock with the exception that control is automatic.


Interior Garage Door


In addition to the large garage door, you need to consider the best locks for the door that goes into the home. As with any entry door, the most effective type of lock for preventing a home invasion is the deadbolt. These locks are strong, durable, and reliable, making it hard for criminals to breach. However, there are other options to consider.


• Slide Door Bolt – For the interior garage door, a slide door bolt works relatively well. In fact, of all locks used for these doors, the slide door bolt is the most common. Because the locksmith installs this lock on the inside of the door, it is invisible to criminals. Placed on the door track, the bolt and receiving slot design offer resistance. To lock the door, you simply slide the bolt into the slot.



• Lock Reinforcer – You might consider having a lock reinforcer installed. This device prevents the door from splitting in the event of a strike. For this, a qualified locksmith would reinforce the hinges and doorjamb. This coupled with a deadbolt would make the door nearly impossible to breach.


Other Options


• Motion Lights – Along with better locks and reinforcement, you might want to consider having motion lights installed. You can have the locksmith install motion lights on the exterior of the home around areas of greatest risk, such as the large garage door.


• Window Bars – Another way to prevent a breach is by having bars installed on windows inside the garage. If done correctly, window bars will deter even the most determined criminal.



Eliminating Candida Form Your System Is Easier Than You Think

Candida albicans is a fungus that all of us carry and since it lives in the skin and also in your body, triggering an overgrowth is only a matter of time. If you've been struggling with a Candida infection for a few weeks now and you tried a lot of treatments, but none of them worked, then you may want to take a better look at some of the tips below on how you can effectively eliminate it.


Try Taking Candida Supplements


If you want to make sure that you can effectively treat your Candida infection, then taking supplements such as those you can find on is very much recommended. These are extremely effective and everyone that had a bad case of Candida and took them was eventually cured. These, unlike other supplements, are made here in the USA, they are top quality.



Your Diet Matters


One thing you should keep in mind is that you need to eliminate sugar, gluten and also yeast from your diet, since they are making your Candida infection that much worse. Cow's milk should also be eliminated. Brown rice is great substitute for all these foods, so make an effort and try to include it, temporarily, in your diet. As for the rest of the foods that you can safely eat while trying to treat your Candida, they include vegetables, eggs, tuna, fish, but also turkey, poultry and bef.


Probiotics Supplements Are A Good Idea


Many people develop Candida after they have been on antibiotics for a certain amount of time and if that's the case with you, then you need to start taking probiotics supplements right now. These will restore the flora in your gut and eventually help your system in the fight against the Candida overgrowth.


Colon Cleansing Kit


Since the bacteria in your colon directly influence the body's ability to fight off infections, you should make sure that you use a colon cleansing powder kit to improve the good bacteria in it. Of course, you need to carefully read the instructions on how to take it and then drink the formula as instructed. You should continue following the treatment for at least 2 to 4 weeks since this is the amount of time it takes for it to be effective. Good luck getting rid of your Candida by using these helpful tips.



Must-Have Photos With The Groom

You won't even have to think about it; any wedding photographer in Kent will direct you towards the kind of wedding photos you should take with the groom. Of course, there are those traditional photos that we all know so well. The gorgeous bride smiling and blushing her face off as the dashing groom holds her close, a family portrait of the two sides, a photo of the entire wedding procession and so on. These poses are whet Kent wedding photography is all about.

That being said, Kent wedding photographers know that no bride wants to be just like every other bride. For the sake of uniqueness, here are some radical mush-have photos with the groom suggested by Lovepear Photography.


1. Enclosed in a heart

You may be wondering, how exactly can you pull this off? Well, Kent wedding photography creativity has no bounds. If you are going to be wearing a long flowing wedding gown, then you can lie down in the green meadows, have a stylist shape the tail of your dress in the shape of a white heart. Your groom can then lie on top of the said heart shaped dress tail from the opposite direction. With you and him meeting in the middle of the heart in a romantic case and the Kent wedding photographer taking the shot from above both of you. In the image, it will look as if you are both encased in your very own white heart.


2. Old Hollywood Poses

If you are tired of everyone holding the same pose for their Kent Wedding portrait, then why not go retro. Go back into time and check out those old-Hollywood poses. Those guys knew how to hold a 'dame'. Posters of old Hollywood films should help inspire you. To top it all off, you can tell your Kent wedding photographer to go black and white on this shoot!


3. Silhouette shots

Although silhouette shots may not show off your new husbands handsome face, they will certainly make for awesome portraits. Just float the idea to your Kent wedding photographer and they will use their remarkable situational awareness to find you the perfect spot for a beautiful silhouette photo.



Visit site and you will realize that most people will be looking to take photos with you and your groom. Lovepear wedding Photographer is often hired and paid by the hour, so you are much better off going in your big day knowing exactly what kind of unique photos you want to take with the groom.



Steps You Should Take To Have Younger And Healthier Skin

The more you age, the more you're going to start looking in the mirror and fearing that one day you're going to see one too many wrinkles. The good news is that even if you turn thirty five, you can still have a healthy, young and glowing skin by following a few simple tips. If you're proactive, then you can easily turn back the hands of time and make your skin look the same way it did when you were in your early twenties.


Use phytoceramides to look younger


If you haven't heard about these amazing anti aging supplements, then you may have been living in a cave, since phytoceramides are probably the best anti aging solution you can currently find on the market. If you're wondering where can you buy phytoceramides, then you can easily get them from the majority of online stores, but it's recommended you get them from reputable sources. As for what makes them so special, they are fully organic and on top of that have also been proven scientifically to greatly improve the way your skin looks by reducing wrinkles and removing fine lines.


Protect yourself from the sun


If when you were younger you used to spend a lot of time in the sun, then chances are that today that shows on your face. The good news is that you don't need to worry about the fact that you weren't diligent with applying sunscreen then, since there are still many things you can do to fix the damages. So starting today, you should always apply sunscreen that’s at least SPF fifteen no matter if it's sunny or cloudy outside. However, you should know that sunscreen can also be found in most treatment creams, powders and liquid foundations these days, so if you're using them on a daily basis, then you may not need to buy separate sunscreen at all.


Hydrate your skin properly


As an adult, to maintain the plumpness of your skin you should drink about eight ounces of water per day. When you drink water, it helps you flush out harmful toxins that have a great negative effect on your skin. Therefore, if you have acne and it makes you not want to get out of the house, it's best to try and treat it naturally by drinking more water. You could also apply a honey mask and leave it on for 15 minutes and then wash it off with cold or lukewarm water to make your skin softer.